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Enrollment Requirements and Procedures

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The School actively recruits students who are highly motivated toward a career in health care by offering equal opportunities to all. Since class size is limited, candidates are selected, after review of all applications, on the basis of personal and academic records, pre-entrance test scores and references.

Open House Sessions

An Open House provides all interested persons the opportunity to come and learn about the school, career training experience, student services offered, financial responsibilities, and the Admissions process. Through the Recruitment Department, any person inquiring information about the school by phone, mail, or walk in, will be encouraged to attend an Open House Session. Open House Sessions are coordinated and conducted weekly or bi-weekly; but may vary day to day. Please call the main number for details or to schedule an appointment.

How to Enroll:

Applications are accepted from Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Please call the main number for information on hours.

At the time that the application is submitted, a nonrefundable application fee of fifty dollars ($50) and a nonrefundable entrance exam fee of seventy-five dollars ($75) payment in the form of a Money Order, Cashier’s Check, or Credit Card will be required.

Anyone sending applications by mail must include payment in the form of a money-order or cashiers check only. Credit Card payments are expected to be made in person.

Submitted applications are only valid for 90 days.

The following cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, and American- Express only. In addition, there will be an automatic 1% finance charge added to all credit card payments.

Admissions Essay must reflect why he or she desires to enter Riggs College of Allied Health and pursue a health career. The essay must total at least 200 words and not exceed 250 words.

Professional and/ or Educational References must be people who have known the student for a minimum of one year who can attest to the student’s character, work experience and/or community services. The people providing these references should not be related to the student by blood or marriage.

Diplomas or Official Transcripts
Applicants submitting a diploma must bring in the original diploma (when applying or prior to sitting for the Entrance Exam) to show proof of their education level and a copy of the diploma to be filed. Please be advised that all High School or College diplomas issued from a foreign country must be evaluated and/ or translated in to the English language by World Education Services prior to submitting to the Admissions Department. Applicants must complete the diploma evaluation requirement prior to being accepted into the school and/ or program. Contact World Education Services by logging onto www.wes.org for further information.

Each applicant submitting an Official transcript must obtain this document through the school that he or she graduated from. Official transcripts must be sealed when submitted to the Admission Department.

Criminal Background Screening; All students must submit to a background check. Riggs College of Allied Health reserves the right to deny admission based on a criminal background history.

CPR Certification All accepted students must obtain CPR certification prior to the first day of class. If a student has not obtained CPR certification or if a student has CPR certification that is currently expired must complete a CPR class and obtain new CPR certification. Documentation must be submitted to the Admissions Department for validation. Any student who fails to meet the CPR certification requirement correctly and/ or prior to the first scheduled day of class will not be permitted to attend class. CPR certification must remain current.

Malpractice Insurance All accepted students must obtain Malpractice insurance prior to the first scheduled day of class. If a student currently has Malpractice insurance he or she will have to submit documentation to the Admissions Department for validation. If a student has not purchased Malpractice insurance he or she must do so. When purchasing Malpractice insurance, students must request student Malpractice insurance. Any student who fails to meet the Malpractice insurance requirement correctly and/ or prior to first scheduled day of class will not be permitted to attend class.

Late Enrollment:

No student may start classes after the third day in any given term, except in cases where appropriate credit for previous education and training has been given.

There is a fifty dollar ($50) late enrollment fee due on the first day the student commences class.


Enrolled (admitted) students must attend a mandatory orientation session.

Credit for Previous Training / Transfer Policy:

Riggs College of Allied Health welcomes prospective transfer students from area colleges and other allied health schools. In order to be considered or accepted into the program, each prospective transfer applicant must:

  • Provide official transcripts from the last institution attended.
  • Attend an interview with the Program Director.
  • Provide a course description of all courses taken at the previous Institution (if requested).
  • Be prepared to accept credit for up to three (3) courses provided those courses meet Riggs College of Allied Health, Inc. standards and the student received at least a “C” or better grade. The grade achieved in the previous school will used as the transferred grade.

Any situation not covered by the above transfer policy will be reviewed by an academic advisory committee on an individual basis. An academic advisory committee consisting of the Director of Nursing and two faculty members will be convened as needed.

Auditing Policy

The auditing of any course is not permitted. Taping equipment is not allowed on the school premises.

Code of Ethics for Health Professions

A graduate of Riggs College of Allied Health shall:

  1. Consider as a basic obligation the conservation of life and the prevention of disease.
  2. Promote and protect the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of the patient and his family.
  3. Fulfill all duties faithfully and efficiently.
  4. Function within established legal guidelines.
  5. Accept personal responsibility (for his/her acts) and seek to merit the respect and confidence of all members of the health team.
  6. Hold in confidence all matters coming to his/her knowledge, in the practice of his/her profession, and in no way at no time violate this confidence.
  7. Give conscientious service and charge just remuneration.
  8. Learn and respect the religious and cultural beliefs of his/her patient and of all people.
  9. Provide healthcare to all patients regardless of race, creed, cultural background, disease, or lifestyle.
  10. Refuse to give endorsement to the sale and promotion of commercial products or services.
  11. Uphold the highest standards in personal appearance, language, dress, and demeanor.
  12. Meet his/her obligation to the patient by keeping abreast of current trends in healthcare through reading and continuing education.
  13. As a citizen/resident of the United States of America, uphold the laws of the land and seek to promote legislation which shall meet the health needs of its people.