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Our PN course is designed to train and prepare you for a career as a licensed practical nurse. Applicants will need to have a high-school diploma or GED in order to qualify for this course. Upon completing this program, each student will able to earn their diploma and qualify to take the NCLEX-PN exam. Passing this exam will grant the student the eligibility to begin a career in the healthcare field. Students will also have the opportunity to further their nursing education by pursuing either a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in nursing.


The main objective of our PN program is to prepare each student for a successful career in the healthcare field. The combination of coursework and clinical experience is crucial in helping our nursing students reach their goals. This program instills critical thinking, technical, and problem-solving skills to all of our nursing students. We use a holistic approach that utilizes both coursework and clinical practice to create highly trained LPNs that are skilled in the principles of theory, ethics, and safety.


The curriculum that we follow combines concept theory with clinical practice. Our programs can be finished through both day and night classes and in as few as four 12-week terms. We begin helping our students build a strong foundation, and from there, we allow them to learn more advanced topics such as maternal, pediatric, and mental health. We make sure that our students gain the skill and knowledge necessary to pass the NCLEX-PN exam and help them become successful.

Becoming an LPN provides an individual with the opportunity to work in hospitals, residential care facilities, patient care centers, and other similar settings. You’ll closely work together with clients, the members of their family, doctors and registered nurses. This allows you to not only administer care but also learn from real-world situations. As the population of the United States ages, the demand for LPNs and other healthcare professionals continues to grow, providing each student with broad opportunities. Succeeding in our PN program will help you fill the gap in the industry and begin your career in nursing.

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Practical Nursing (PN) Program Outline
Credential: Diploma

1,350 Clock Hours 55 Weeks.

CIP CODE: 51.3901


Upon completion of the Practical Nursing program, graduates will be prepared to sit for the NCLEX-PN examination to achieve licensure as a Practical Nurse. Graduates who have earned a license will be able to seek employment as Practical Nurses in assisted living facilities, hospices, physician offices, and home healthcare.


The Practical Nursing program provides students with the knowledge and practical experience to work as a Practical Nurse. The curriculum includes legal and ethical responsibilities, communication and interpersonal skills, administrative and clinical duties, healthcare concepts, emergency procedures including CPR, safety and security procedures, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, geriatric, pediatric, maternal/newborn nursing, and medical-surgical nursing. Classroom and clinical experiences are incorporated into the curriculum.

Course Code Course Title Clock Hours
PN101 Fundamentals of Nursing 240
PN102 Vocational Adjustments I 45
PN103 Legal Aspects of Nursing 9
PN104 Anatomy and Physiology 105
PN105 Growth and Development 21
PN106 Nutrition and Diet 15
PN107 Pharmacology 60
PN108 Medical Surgical Nursing 514
PN109 Mental Health Nursing 66
PN110 Community Nursing 66
PN111 Geriatric Nursing 115
PN112 Obstetrics / Gynecology 50
PN113 Pediatric Nursing 40
Totals 1,350